Bookie Nights 1st Anniversary

Fr • 10.03.201723:00

The Albion Experience

One year has passed already since the Bartisch Troopers invaded Altes Wettbüro for theire Bookie Nights Project. We have spent eight great nights together full of love, drinks and disco music. They always included a lot of fun because of the beautiful people who came along and had a good time. We want to send out big thanks to Philipp Demankowski, Konse, Snigglz, Tiney, Trakos, Bad Boy Baader, Cover and Dave Clearwave for coming along and sharing theire music with us. So get ready for a big celebration of life (Tiney also celebrates his birthday at Wettbüro that night) and music with Mastermind Albion Venables from Stockholm.

  • Bartisch Troopers



  • Tiney


    Overfitting Disco / Nation

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  • Albion


    Macadam Mambo / Camp Cosmic / Blackdisco

    "Being at an Albion gig is like entering a bedouin tent and for the first time ever smell the scent of an exotic spice that you could imagine living with for the rest of your life.

    He is a DJ who doesn't merely take you on another drum journey, but adds an extra dimension where preconception doesn't apply. It can take a while to get used to it though. Because sophistication never went out of style, it just took more than three decades to catch up with it. And when the coin finally dropped, Albion was there to pick it up. In 2004 he realized that he could set out on a musical journey that no DJ had done before him. For the last ten years he has recorded more than a hundred mixes and has steadily built up a worldwide following.

    With the groundbreaking Mixtura mixes, he rediscovered and brought together European disco tracks that had been lost and forgotten since the heydays, Albion defined his own sound, which he refers to as Continental Disco Sound.

    So far, he has been putting dance floors on fire in Amsterdam, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Bruxelles, Copenhagen, Dresden, Gothenburg, Hague, Helsinki, London, Leeds, Leipzig, Lyon, Madrid, Malmö, Mons, Munich, Moscow, New York, Oslo, Paris, Pescara, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Thessaloniki and Turku.

    Each year Albion with friends arrange the disco festival Camp Cosmic."

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